Our global network provides you all the transportation related services including airfreight, seafreight, and packing for both import and export to the four corners of the earth.

Harbor forwarding services

As a licensed harbor forwarding agency,
we serve you efficient works on loading
and unloading commodities for both
import and export at harbors.

Customs clearance

Our experienced staffs go precisely and swiftly through the customs formalities by SEA-NACCS.
We are Kobe and Osaka harbor customs clearance licensed agency,and the experts for customs clearance correspond for various kinds of your cargos.

Global distribution

Using our various networks, we provide you international door-to-door distribution.

Air freight forwarding

Your precious goods are safely and quickly forwarded to everyplace of the world.

Transportation by trucks

We serve you to transport long and heavy cargos by large-size cars, trailers and so on.


Our main target cargos

Petrochemistry related products (resin, fiber, film, chemical fertilizer, etc.) textile goods, raw materials of textile, wood pulp, machinery, plants, stones, other general goods.

Bonded warehouses

Kato Kaiun No.3 Port-island warehouse, 4-1-1, Minato-jima, Chuou-ku, Kobe, 650-0045, Japan 
TEL : +81-78-302-5050 FAX : +81-78-302-5049

  • 業務イメージBonded warehouses
  • 業務イメージBonded warehouses
  • 業務イメージLong and heavy cargos

Our contact address

  • Kobe head office

    Kato Kaiun Building 3F 6-3-1, Naka-machi,
    Minato-jima, Chuou-ku, Kobe, 650-0046, Japan
    TEL : +81-78-303-2590
    FAX : +81-78-303-2595
  • Tokyo branch office

    Kamon Building 7F 2-7-14, Hamamatsucho,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0013, Japan
    TEL :+81-3-3436-6481
    FAX :+81-3-3436-6482
  • Osaka branch office

    Room 209, Port-villa MEISEI,3-6-10,
    Chiku-kou, Minato-ku, Osaka, 552-0021, Japan
    TEL : +81-6-6572-8329
    FAX : +81-6-6572-1258